MinecraftEDU is full of opportunities for learning. Students create lands and characters. Can you invision characters from your reading lessons created by students in a land they already love? Lots of engagement and tons of learning events along with a tremendous amount of vocabulary development makes Minecraft one of my favorite alternative assignment tools. 21st Centrury Skill right here – colaboration.

Without a doubt my favorite new way to have students show what they know. I love how it comes with four tutorials I show to students so they don’t have to listen to me! Easy to use for teachers to provide super engaging lessons! Tutorials are on Youtube so you can push them out in Google Classroom for individual viewing or show tutorials as a whole class. Brilliant! Get Donors Choose in on this one! I can get you a 7-day free trial so you can practice. It’s great fun!
Yes, I get a little cut if you purchase,but hey a girl’s gotta have a tech fund!

Here’s how I used it first time out:


For the Record

In educational training, VideoScribe is used by a teacher as a whole class presentation to activate background knowledge then building a new concept on an existing skill. Think of how to describe a word as a noun, verb, and an adjective. Textbook offerings include examples and practice sentences while VideoScribe draws concepts as a visual representation of the complex content. VideoScribe literally draws students’ attention to the instruction reinforcing the first step in cognitive information processing. Drawings are randomly placed on a whiteboard so students naturally focus while following along with learning. English language learners and special needs students are delivered instruction without academic language constructs. VideoScribe allows teachers to provide access to lessons for students who are absent from school or homework for the next day. VideoScribe is safe and supports students at home and school.

In educational training, VideoScribe is used by students as a way of showing expected outcomes. Using VideoScribe to present an idea, display a linear set of events, reenacting a scene from history or literature, designing a storyboard or offering any number of explorations is a tool supporting students’ learning process. Allowing VideoScribe as a choice of tools enables all learners regardless of ability level. English language learners and special needs students benefit by showing what they know without the constraints of academic language conventions. Scribe videos are safely accessed from home computers, supports flipped classrooms, projects and homework, and distance learning.

Infographs Infocharts Infopics Infographics Infocharts
All the Same Thing


I use infographics as an alternative to written reports. I don’t throw out report writing. The form of an infochart is versatile allowing students to choose from timelines, compare and contrast visuals, and flowcharts.

You can make up your own rubric for evaluation or if you are comfortable with the practice, allow peer review. Plus they are great fun to grade! There is a skill in choosing the right form for the right assignment so I teach the skill with examples, assign a common chart or charts. Send the assignment through Google Classroom and you can have parents see them too.
Picktochart has an Education Package and a Beginning of the Year price package.

I’m That Teacher


You know that teacher who is obsessed with school and makes you very tired. That’s me. I consolidate information and present it in a hurried-teacher friendly way I hope works for you. Don’t be fooled. It looks all sparkly and fancy but I am the hands on hips teacher in the back watching over serious business taking care of you. Now go have fun. Behave, don’t do drugs, stay in school.

Twitter – Use It 


I know.  Stop whining and use it.  Professional Learning Networks (other teachers) make you smart.  Set up your account today deleting all suggestions from Twitter. No Kardashanagans here. Teachers on Twitter are Genius. It’s like a giant Pinterest that comes to you. You never have to tweet and can delete anything you don’t want. Follow me @RodmanEDU to see who I follow and don’t be scared. Twitter shows you suggestions called who you might like to follow, they lie. Pick your own teacher/friends. Hint* Pick you principal or tech friend to tweet out your pictures allowing them to do all of the retweeting work!


Google Plusg+512-solid

You don’t need permission from your school to have a personal G+ account. Your school may turn off the feature when you are using their Goggle For Apps for Education account. You don’t care. You can sign into yours anytime. Circles, groups, communities, created just for teachers. bonus, you get to talk back. Follow me to get started with good people – you’re on your way. Make good choices!



Yes, someone at your school/district started a Facebook page that is a closed group just for your staff. Search for your school community and share your talent with others in a relaxed environment. You have plenty to say and can learn so much from other who have shared experiences with you. It means a lot to people when you share your ideas. You will have to ask permission to join the group. Don’t get offended-it’s a computer-it doesn’t know you from stranger danger. You will get a response soon.



If your school has this program then you have a GAFE account. Google Apps for Education is like a giant umbrella over your school. Under that umbrella you can access (not your personal) Gmail, Drive, G+, Classroom and much more. Every option can be turned on and off by the school. Here’s what to say in the meeting. “Now about our GAFE Account…” sounds smart and you will find out if your school has one. Google Apps for Education has a zillion apps so don’t flip out. Start with Gmail, you already know how to e-mail so it is a great place to start. You can e-mail your students without them in your personal email business. Bonus – the dog can’t eat an email attachment

Now that you have your Professional Learning Environment in place, read some of the ARTICLES from the menu bar to gather strength and confidence. Take good care of yourself. Limit what you want to come into your space as you ramp on to the can run you over superhighway of educational technology. The ARTICLES above will introduce you to some of the most talented, dedicated and funny people you will ever meet. The tech world is a hoot.

Welcome to the family.